Golf Impact Tees Off On Mobile This May

Golf Impact, the new mobile golfing adventure is set to tee off on iOS and Android on 3 May.

If you’ve got plenty of time for golf with friends, but are already up and away from the desktop, Neowiz has you covered. The publisher behind games like Skul: The Hero Slayer and DJMAX RESPECT is bringing intense 1v1 competitive golf to mobiles. Golf Impact has already opened pre registration for this free to play online competition, with players able to sign up ahead of time on the Google Play Store.

For those that want a look a the fairway first, the launch date for Golf Impact also comes with a brand new trailer, giving players a glimpse of the lush green fairways and a variety of backdrops for the new small screen swinger. Locations like United States, France, Maldives, and Fiji will play host to the 1v1 and weekly competitions that gamers can take part in when they pick up Golf Impact.

Winners can look forward to plenty of rewards for their effort with in game gold, golf clubs, balls and more depending on your rank, but mostly you’ll want to savour that sweet sweet success victory. With an easy to pick up but difficult to master gameplay, Golf Impact is ready for players, come rain or shine. Check out more about Golf Impact over on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now and find out more before Golf Impact releases on 3 May.

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