Golf With Your Friends Tees Up On Console Today

Golf With Your Friends is getting off the tee today as this mini golfing game arrives on PLaystation4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch today.

A colourful sporting multiplayer from team 17, Golf With Your Friends is a golfing sim that would make a great companion piece to the upcoming What The Golf, GolfWith Friends is a multiplayer mini golf challenge that is sure to keep you entertained for at least 9 courses. Players picking up this challenge will find a range of fast paced, exciting, and original courses packed with unique obstacles to overcome. You can become a pro in the pirate course or aim for an albatross in the ancient theme if you fancy.

Blue Shell Behaviour

Alongside the range of silly scenarios on display, players will need to overcome up to 11 other online competitors when they get out on the range. A series of power ups are all available to help you get one over on the competition and they a little more inventive than the old golf ball down the trouser leg. Freeze an opponent’s ball or go full cubist and turn it into a square in an effort to increase their score past par.

Golf with your friends looks like a fun multiplayer title for anybody wanting to get out and see the gold greens without actually having to exert themselves. The title already did fariyway well when it landed on PC via Steam Early Access. Despite the console launch and the multiplayer options, cross play isn’t a thing yet, although we can expect team 17 themed maps further down the line. For now, hopefully, Team 17’s latest title will not end up buried in the bunker somewhere. Check out the trailer for Golf With Your Friends above or head over to the official Nintendo eShop page to pick up this round for $19.99 or local equivalent.


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