Gone Viral Launches Into Early Access Today

gone viral launch

Gone Viral, the hack and slash entry from the minds of Skullbot Games, lets loose today as it officially launches into Early Acess on PC.

Grab your sword and start mashing because there’s an audience to entertain and you’re the cannon fodder for their boredom. Players looking to make it big and star in their own escape to freedom can now run the gauntlet and keep us entertained as Gone Viral launches on PC. Set in a dystopian future where prisoners fight for their freedom in a rogue-lite arena brimming with deathtraps, killbots, and zoomy things that explode, all for the entertainment of the masses. This over the top action game comes strapped to a physics engine that allows players to rack up some killer combos, bouncing enemies off walls, smashing them into each other or just shoving them into bone-crunching traps in the chaos that ensues.

What Awaits

While this all sounds pretty straight forward, the Gone Viral audience is out for blood, and the more kills a player can make, the more likes and followers that come with this success. Give the public what it wants and they will reward the subject of their love with cargo drops, loot, upgrade, and everything that you might need to get out alive. What’s more, Gone Viral takes this into the real world, providing plenty of Twitch integrations so real-life fans and followers can decide to help or hinder streamer’s progress.

Hitting Early Access some point later today, Gone Viral is the work of Skullbot Games. A small team lead by ex Wildstar head Jeremy Gaffney and even contains a sprinkling of musical work from the always wonderful Jeff Kurtenacker. If you’re not sure whether prison famous is quite the look for you, consider the oodles of animated gore and the big shiny sword you’ll get. If it’s still not entirely convinced you then check out our first impressions from an early sneak peek and then head over to the Gone Viral Steam Store page and enjoy the Early Access launch of Gone Viral.

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