Good Goliath Stomps Onto PSVR and PC VR This Month

good goliath

Good Goliath, a huge new VR title, is about to come crashing through PSVR, Oculus, and Vive on 31 march.

Tumbling down the beanstalk that is Knocktwice Games, Good Goliath is a different type of tower defense style title where you are the tower, sort of. As a recently awakened giant, players fight off knights, pirates, and pitchforks and step into some seriously huge shoes in this action adventure. As players try to understand why they are under attack, wave based mechanics will attempt to overwhelm this otherwise gentle soul across 12 very different levels.

A World Of Hurt

Medieval worlds, oceans overrun with pirates, and the realms of the underworld all hold their own unique threats as they swat away tiny villagers and seabound shanty singers. While battling back these angry annoyances, players can grab pitchforks, throw barrels, or even utilize the locals as weapons. Hidden treasure is also scattered across the experience that unlocks a bunch of new, and hopefully dealy, hands and even more awaits. It isn’t just bit part angry mobs that need to be eagerly crushed. Good Goliath also pitches players against formidable mini-bosses and colossal monsters. With a whole host of challenges, this looks to be more than just a simple smash and grab challenge.

With plenty of angry opponents, a variety of themed environments, and lots of secrets to unlock this monstrous adventure looks like it could be a ton of fun when it arrives on VR platforms soon. If you fancy taking on cavalry mounted soldiers, and even flying devilish imps while punching, swiping, and even dodging the odd flying village baker then Good Goliath comes to PSVR, Oculus, and Vive VR platforms on the 31 March. You can also head over to the Steam Store page to find out more about this ridiculous but fun looking adventure.


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