Google Opens Stadia Makers Program for Indie Developers

Google Opens Stadia Makers Program for Indie Developers

At the virtual Google for Games Developer Summit, the company has announced increased support for indie game developers via the Stadia Makers program, aimed to bring more indie titles onto the platform. This “expansion of self-publishing” is specifically targeting “experienced independent game developers” and done in partnership with Unity.

  • Technical Assistance: The experts at Unity are committed to providing developers in the Stadia Makers program with a technical support structure that helps their projects meet targeted alpha, beta, certification, and launch dates.
  • Free Development Hardware: Stadia Makers participants are eligible to receive up to five physical development kits depending on team size and structure.
  • Funding: There’s a very real financial consideration when it comes to developing across platforms, and Stadia will offset some of those costs.

The fact of the matter is that far more studios applied to be a part of our launch than we could work with at the time. Thank you for your ambition, patience, and support that those applications represent. Now that we’re a few months down the road, we’ve improved our tools and built new partnerships that will let us work with more independent studios.

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