Grab A Mug, Necrobarista Is Coming To PC In July

Necrobarista, a stylish looking new visual novel that involves coffee, is set to pour up an adventure on PC when it goes live on 22 July 2020.

Developer Route 59 confirmed the release date for fans waiting on the anime aesthetic adventure and that’s not all. Gamers tied to Sony’s Playstation 4 and Nintendo’s Switch will see this other worldly take away sometime in 2021.

New Menu, New Adventure

For those of you that didn’t catch the trailer or the convention overage of this title then you might want to catch up. Necrobarista is more than just a cool looking slice of cafe culture. Set in Melbourne, Necrobarista revolves around a back-alley cafe where the dead are granted one last night to mingle with us fleshy meat bags. What initially looks like just incredible 3D cinematic presentation and an off the wall concept looks likely to take players on a journey that delves into deeper themes of loss and letting go. Beyond the visual aesthetic, Necrobarista comes with a soundtrack pieced together by BAFTA-nominated composer Kevin Penkin and features goon-sack robots, alchemical coffee, and Australian folk hero Ned Kelly. What more could you as for with your morning brew?

The title has suffered several setbacks while getting to this stage but we hope that players should be able to join Maddy, our necro-cafe’s new proprietor when NecroBarista opens next week. If you’re interested in Necrobarista, a story of death and coffee, then you can pick it up on Steam when it goes live on 22 July. Alternatively, you can head over to the official website for more information on the staff and clientele of this unusual adventure. If you can’t wait that long for coffee hit then why not check out our review of Coffee Talk, here on Gamespace.


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