Grab A New Ride in A New Northgard DLC


For Vikings, trudging around the great plains of the north can be something of a struggle. Thankfully, there’s neigh more hanging around for fans of Northgard as the Clan of Horses gallops into a brand new DLC.

Released back in early 2018, Northgard is a solid Real Time Strategy game that drops a bunch of Vikings into an inhospitable stretch of land known as Northgard. It is here that players must take a top-down approach and guide their people to seize control of this new land. This isn’t a simple colonization, however. Northgard is steeped in Norse mythology so you can expect more than the odd Etin to keep you in check.

Just announced, the latest addition to developer Shiro Game’s Real Time Strategy introduces a brand new clan to Northgard that brings an entirely new way to play to the Viking Adventure. Specializing in minerals and metals, the Clan of Horses have their very own lore tree that makes them epic miners. If you are set on digging up the treasures of Northgard, excavating, and selling on your wares then the new clan’s tree provides a range of bonuses to help out players. This isn’t all the Clan of Horses are good at. This particular group of Vikings earns their reputation as the finest craftspeople in the land, constructing and repairing buildings 25% quicker.

The Clan relies heavily on the support of their two spirited leaders, Brok and Eitrie, for this specialization. The two new characters are recruited in the new Völund’s Forge building and are the only two who can mine, forge tools, weapons, and relics. All of this leads to a very different way to play Northgard. To check out the full patch notes on this DLC you can head over to the Northgard steam page, where you’ll also find the base game and previous DLC on sale for a limited time.

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