Grab A Shadow Arena Beta Test Key


Shadow Arena is about to launch its last Closed Beta test and Gamespace is offering you an opportunity to win a key and try out the upcoming arena battler this April.

Developed by the same team that launched hit MMORPG Black Desert Online, Shadow Arena is an online arena battler that pits 40 players in a battle for survival. Picking from nine playable characters, competitors will need to hunt, gather, upgrade their gear, and battle the mysterious shadow projections to prove themselves the mightiest hero of them all.

Due to kick off on April 17, Shadow Arena started life as an addition to Black Desert Online game mode but spun off into a brand new stand-alone challenge. Anybody brave enough to enter the Shadow Arena will encounter the same action-orientated combat and free-flowing encounters that make raiding in BDO so enjoyable with a few differences.

A New Contender

If you’ve never heard of Shadow Arena then you’ll notice it already looks very different to other competitive online challenges. While many other arena players are immediately at each other’s throats, Shadow Arena builds a complex series of encounters that test the mettle of your opponents. Enter the arena as part of a solo or group match and you’ll get four minutes to down environmental enemies, hunt treasure chests, acquire and upgrading items such as axes, staffs, and shortswords, or even setup traps for strategic attacks further down the line. Antagonistic projections and awesome enemies like the powerful Shadow Lords stand in players’ way as they try to prepare for a furious outcome. Preparations are followed by the Blackstar and a dark fog that descends across the world. All that remains is a frantic battle for survival as players vie for dominance and you prosper from the carcasses of your enemies. Fight, loot, and survive in the last Shadow Arena Closed Beta before launch. Go grab a Shadow Arena beta key below.


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