Grab The Quick Draw Club No. 4 in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Like it always is, this is another big week in Red Dead Online. Players have an entirely new “chapter” in The Quick Draw Club to explore while unlocking some pretty sweet loot along the way. In addition, there are Naturalist bonuses, big discounts, and much more all week. So sit back and check out what’s new in RDO this week.

  • Earn +50% RDO$ and XP for Call to Arms events through October 8th
  • Naturalist Sample sales offer Double RDO$ and XP
  • Log in this week to receive 3 Predator Baits and Herbivore Baits
  • Naturalists logging in this week above Rank 5 will receive 5 Blending Tonics and 200 Sedative Varmint Cartridges
  • Grab +50% RDO$ for selling Fish to Butchers
  • Turn in 3 samples to Harriet for 2000 Naturalist XP and 40% off a Novice or Promising Naturalist Role Item
  • Skin a Legendary Animal for an Offer of 40% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item
  • Head to Gus’s store to craft an item and receive an offer of 30% off the elephant rifle and 50 rounds of Nitro Express Ammo
  • Quick Draw No. 4 members get 5 Legendary Animal Pheremones and an Offer for 10 Gold Bars off the Sample Kit
  • Check out the new items from Quick Draw Club No. 3
  • Get some big discounts on the Sample Kit, Harriet’s Tonics, Gypsy Cob Horses, Bow, Improved Bow, Varmint Rifle, Fishing Rod, Fishing Lures, and all Boots
  • Be sure to grab Prime Gaming Benefits

Check out the finer details by visiting the Red Dead Online official site.

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