Grab The TauCeti Unknown Origin Demo And Explore This Stunning New Sci-Fi Mobile Game

BadFly Interactive has just test launched a benchmark demo of TauCeti Unknown Origin on mobile platforms and it looks incredible.

Out right now, and coming from the same team as the Dead Effect series, TauCeti Unknown Origin is far from just another mobile cash grab. Forget the match three quests and chibi turn based RPGs, TauCeti Unknown Origin is a sci-fi FPS game that looks set to propel players into a whole new experience on iOS and Android. Now, you can grab a glimpse of this new adventure in the benchmark demo.

A Slice Of Adventure

Featuring a slice of this upcoming experience, that shows off TauCeti’s two introductory story levels, players will be flung directly into danger. As your space ship, the famed ESS Meridian (known from Dead effect 2) has gone haywire and crashed. You might still be alive, thanks to the escape pod, but now you are seemingly alone on the surface of Tau Ceti f. The jungle that stretches out across the surface of this new world holds a wealth of dangers and it is up to players to survive long enough to uncover the secrets this planet hides.

“The TauCeti Unknown Origin tech demo offers sci-fi fans a glimpse of the tremendous, fully-realized world we have planned for the final game,” says Lubomír Dykast, CEO and Creative Director at BadFly Interactive. “Our proprietary technology was built from the ground up to take full advantage of hi-end mobile devices and deliver heart-throbbing survival action experiences from anywhere in the universe.”

This tech demo is more than just a chance to how off. Anybody set to test this title out will also find a range of weapons at their disposal, plenty of opportunity to customize their characters, a bunch of loot, and extra enhancements all to take down the less amenable elements of Tau Ceti f. With full controller support, some seriously impressive graphics, and a character creation preview also in tow, you can check out how your phone will handle TauCeti Unknown Origin right now by heading to the official TauCeti website or grabbing the demo at the iOS App Store or Android Play Store now.

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