Grab Your Battle Axes for Skyforge’s Latest Update’s own action MMO, Skyforge is about to get a major update but this one might sound a little different than you might expect. The Distant Frequencies update is due later this month and marks the introduction of a brand new class to Aelion, called the Soundweaver.

The Soundweaver, highlighted in the latest release trailer, is the most interesting class update to hit Aelion since the Overgrowth expansion earlier this year. The Soundweaver’s massive mobile speakers and musical weaponry are primarily tuned to support allies with a range of buffs while still managing to cue up some serious damage. In addition, this hi-tech bard is also capable of inflicting a host of debuffs, ensuring enemies eager to rush the stage think twice.

The Soundweaver is the opening highlight of Skyforge’s Distant Frequencies update. A new story opens a mysterious rift and unleashes a new enemy upon the world of Aelion. The Gods Skyforge will face an army of new foes and challenges as research into the ominous well takes players off-world.

If you haven’t loaded up Skyforge recently then this MMORPG has had some significant updates since it’s initial launch back in 2015. The Ascension update massively reworked the game, the Overgrowth update introduced a whole new set of threats, and the’s sci-fi styled MMORPG launched onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Distant Frequencies update hits PC on 11 December, PlayStation 4 on 12 December, and Xbox One on 13 December. You can find out more and pick up a collectors edition of the expansion over at the official website

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