Grab Your Rift And Escape To Flavortown

Flavortown, a scrumptious new food-based VR action game, is coming to the Rift platform wth the first episode serving up on 26 October.

With plenty of hype surrounding the release of the new Rift Quest 2, this seems like the perfect time for developer Last Hope of the Internet to drop a scrumptious new action game onto the VR menu. Playing as an elite officer in the Flavortown PD, you’ll begin episode one of a slightly cheesy narrative and find yourself partnered with Biff and Buddy. These tow wisecracking meatball, yes meatball, hotshots, you’ll venture out into the seeded back alleys of Flavortown and root vegetable out any crime that you can find.

A Game To Get Your Teeth Into

While you’re out on the street you’ll be able to make connections with a range of weird and wonderful anthropomorphic meat. There are plenty of undercover operations to engage in and you’ll get the chance to grill suspects to find out exactly what is going on across this unusual mystery. Aiding you and your cohorts is a range of tailor-made equipment, such as the Super Action Communicator smartwatch, that keeps track of all the dirt you dig up. A set of 3-D replicating holsters that can print a wide variety of weapons you’ll be finding in your adventure

Apparently, life isn’t all work for rookie meatballs, however. Flavortown promises more than just crime-fighting for anybody ager enough to pick up this colorful title. The first episode of Flavortown will arrive on the Rift Platform and is playable via Oculus Rift & Steam VR. At a paltry $6.00 this might very well be worth a look if you’re wanting to get right into some food-based silliness and want something a little more narrative driven than the 2D slapdash fun of Cake Bash. Check out more about Flavortown over at the developer’s website now.

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