Granblue Fantasy Versus Coming To PC

granblue fantasy versus PC

Granblue Fantasy Versus, a very different type of RPG from XSEED Games, is coming to PC and it will land on 13 March.

Already due to float onto Playstation 4, this anime-inspired RPG takes a long-running mobile game and uppercuts it onto PC. The title can be purchased via Steam globally. It joins the US launch on Playstation 4 on 3 March as well as the EU Playstation 4 release on 27 March. Coming in at around $59.99 for the standard set and $79.99 for the Character Pass Set doesn’t make Granblue Fantasy: Versus cheap but we got hands on and had a great time with developer Arc System Works latest title.

Landing Soon

It might seem unusual to see fighting game specialist Arc System Works push out an RPG, and it is. Granblue Fantasy: Versus isn’t any small screen turn-based strategy blown up onto a bigger screen. The team behind fighters like Blazblue and Kill la Kill – IF have merged 2D fighting systems and more traditional RPG narratives to give fighting enthusiasts and staunch Granblue Fnatasty fans something to enjoy.

The unusual beat em up RPG hybrid will come to PC with graphical customization options, support for gamepads as well as keyboard and mouse, both Japanese and English voice options, and text language options including English, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, with Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Korean being added at a later date. It’s unlikely that you’ll need a top of the line 2080Ti to run this but Granblue’s upscale anime aesthetics faithfully reproduce the original game’s characters in stunning detail. As players take the role of an adventurer who travels the sky in airships, they will fight, complete quests, upgrade their abilities, and weapons as they uncover what lies beyond the clouds.

Fighting game fans will be relieved to find that there’s still plenty of Arc System Works’ pedigree here and the game is due to appear on the EVO lineup. If that hasn’t got your attention then head over to our hands on preview and check out the official Steam Store now.


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