Graveyard Keeper Dev Diary Helps Players DIG the Game


Graveyard Keeper is a forthcoming game from the same folks behind Punch Club. It’s been in development since mid-2016, but Lazy Bear Games has been pretty quiet about it. While not quite ready for alpha testing, the team does want to start beating the drums of interest in its community. To that end, a new developer diary has been published on the game‘s steam page to bring fans up to speed.

Be sure to swing by the Steam page to read the entire, very interesting post.

Key Facts from the Graveyard Keeper Dev Diary

Here’s what can be gleaned from the developer diary:

  • seven people are actively developing the game
  • the team is committed to ramping up communication with the community
  • things have gone more slowly than anticipated due to difficult and time-consuming features
  • however, the game is in the home stretch
  • the features list is 90% complete
  • polish, polish, polish is the name of the game

From the dev blog:

The world is limited by the cemetery, its surroundings, a mountain where witches are burned, and a village filled with the sweetest people. Also there is a big medieval metropolis somewhere nearby, which is kinda hard to get to. Yet a lot of important characters are coming from there. They are so important that they can influence on the main character’s capability and his development. There are six of them. All the characters have an relationship from 0 to 100. The relationship with these 6 are exactly the key to the (deepest) secret of the Graveyard Keeper’s world.

Another important part of the game that helps to see progress is the development of available technologies. From rough wooden crosses to carved statues made of marble, from using the corpse bone powder to living dead helping you around the house. All of it is to discover, to build and to open during your difficult journey as a graveyard keeper.

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