Graveyard Keeper Gameplay Trailer Reveals Pixel Goodness

Developer Lazy Bear Games released a new trailer for its upcoming cemetery management sim Graveyard Keeper. As odd as that description sounds it’s a pretty apt one. The trailer reveals some of the gameplay mechanics that will be available to the player. The basic premise finds the player working to maintain a village cemetery set in medieval times. Aside from digging and filling graves the game also tasks you with aiding the development of the village. This is accomplished through various tasks such as crafting, farming, and even dungeon diving. You can check out Graveyard Keeper Gameplay Trailer above!

The game will also allow for less conventional ways to generate revenue for your village such as becoming part of the local church ministry and funnelling off money for other uses. If you prefer you can use your influence to sway the village by spreading rumors. Buying and selling from specific NPC’s will even go so far as to impact their evolution as a character either making them richer or poorer, depending on how you work the market. This, in turn, helps you shape who the influences are in the village.

All of the systems at play in Graveyard Keeper impact the residents that live there which seems to imply that there are a lot of layers of gameplay to be explored. Although the game is still in development the trailer reveals some very polished visuals and mechanics already implemented in the world. According to Steam the game will be launching later this summer so keep your eyes peeled here for more information on Graveyard Keeper. For more information be sure to check out their official Steam Page.

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