Gray Zone Takes A Turn In Early Access Next Year

Slovakian Game Studio Eastworks has announced a new tale in the RTS genre, Gray Zone, and it’s due to hit Early Access next year.

This new narrative-driven adventure has been in the works for over two years and is now ready to give gamers a taste of combat in March 2020. Anybody brave enough to step into the line of fire on PC will find a mix of modern RTS and the narrative that makes RPGs so engrossing. Check out the trailer above and it all looks a little Phoenix Point but that surely is no bad thing.

Grey Zone’s story takes players on a trip into the life of a slave turned rebel who has clearly had enough of being under the heel of their masters. Set in a galaxy far far away hundreds of years from today, it draws inspiration from RTS classics while mixing in new modes, realistic physics, hero customization and a band of memorable characters who you’ll have to interact with. How deep the narrative is, we will have to see but Eastworks are promising plenty of fun dialog.

As an early access title, don’t expect this particular title to have everything in place right away. It will hit Steam Early Access on PC around March 2020 and cost $19.99 or local equivalent. You’ll get the first seven missions of the first chapter when the game unlocks and the rest of chapter one will unlock shortly after. While Eastworks has confirmed that all the core game mechanics and character work seems to be complete, this is still going to be an early access title. Consider this one notched up in my ever-growing list of 2020 games. Look out for more games to watch in 2020 here on Gamespace. Alternatively, just head over to the official Gray Zone website for more details.

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