Greed Is Good In CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness

Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is set to launch into Early Access and in this CRPG, greed is good.

Developer GrapeOcean Technologies and V Publishing just pushed Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness a little close to the realms of Early Access and players picking up this new CRPG on 26 August should beware that there is little light in this new adventure. Taking place in a world where the dark gods have brought nothing but war, pestilence, and destruction, Black Geyser will challenge players to take on a challenge where they must build a team and steer the fate of a kingdom.

The land of Isilmerald is a desolate place, filled with fear and fearsome foes. Taking a top-down approach, anybody eager to engage in this challenge will explore the outreaches of Isilmerald, while engaging in real-time tactical combat when necessary. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your fate, battling for truth, justice and the light or pillaging for your own sake. Inspired by classics such as Baldur’s Gate, but maybe not the upcoming third entry in that series, and Icewind Dale, Black Geyser winds its way through a wealth of lore and holds over 300,000 words of hand-crafted narrative. There are 5 playable races, 4 base class archetypes and 13 unique classes, as well as an overpowering greed curse to battle.

Depending on your actions, this greed curse might very well be the downfall of the kingdom. You’ll have to choose wisely if you want to take on this old school CRPG. Check out the trailer above if this sounds like your thing, and head over to Steam where you can wishlist Black Geyser ahead of its 26 August Early Access release.

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