Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia Part 2 Gets Tribal

After warning us all ahead of time, Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia Part 2 is out now and the latest instalment of this creepy survival horror has some new friends for us all to avoid at all costs.

Following on from the first part of the Green Hell tale, that launch on 28 January, the second part of Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia is now available. The latest update to Creepy jar’s unsettling survival sim comes as a free update to the PC version of this title. While this may be something of an update, the Spirits of the Amazonia tale takes place before the main events of Green hell’s base story mode and comes with a ton of new, or old, lore, maps, and questlines.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out this prequel since it first arrived in Green hell, then you can still catch up, stepping into the main protagonist Jake’s shoes as he befriended an Amazonian tribe for the first time. Part 2 continues further into the uncharted jungles of Green Hell and has all of the following on offer:

  • All-new Tribal Legends
  • Revamped map areas portraying how they looked before the events of the base Green Hell Story Mode
  • A new hunting tribe, the Un’garaca, and new activities including healing and drums
  • A dangerous new enemy
  • Enemies beware! Jake can now equip a wicked 2-handed axe!
  • New animals, the black panther and small tapir

If you’ve not tried to survive Green hell before today, then take a tourist safe trip through the dangerous backwaters of the jungle in the latest trailer or check out more about Green Hell and Spirits of Amazonia over on the official website now.

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