Grim Dawn receives “huge free feature” update

Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment has announced that a “huge free feature update” has been deployed for Grim Dawn. It brings a number of improvement to the game engine and a host of quality of life improvements.

According to the forum post on the game’s official site, a number of the improvements came at the request of the community. In addition, the team expressed its thanks to the “modding community for not only providing players with new content to enjoy but also new features and utilities that they otherwise would not have access to”.  Some of the mods were inspirational to Crate’s dev team to “incorporate several quality of life features that have proven to be a staple within the player base”.

Here’s what’s in the latest update:

  • Deferred Rendering as a video option – this has been included to improve performance;
  • Update to Game Difficulty – the game has been rebalanced so that the “challenge feels more consistent” relative to player power;
  • Auto-loot for components, consumables, and crafting materials;
  • Components now stack automatically in inventory;
  • Monster Health Bars are added and the HUD has updated visuals;
  • Game Options are now in a new tab;
  • A search bar has been added to the Crafting UI;
  • Players can now select which Crucible map they wish to play;
  • Tweaks and updates to art, animation, tech, itemization, Legendary non-set items, Legendary set items, Epic items, classes/skills

It really is a huge update and it’s well worth the effort to head to the Grim Dawn forum to check out the details.

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