Grime Gets A Gameplay Trailer

Check out the new teaser for Grime, the upcoming souls like Metroidvania from indie developer Clover Bite.

This weekend we got a brand new glimpse of upcoming indie platforming mash up Grime and the three minute dip into the world of Grime is enough to keep me interested. Dropping during the MIX’s Game Dev Direct showcase this weekend gone and narrated by Director Yarden Weissbro, the latest update before Grime this arrives on digital storefronts gives us a look into the Unformed Desert and what players slogging through this dangerous wasteland can expect to encounter. Taking control of the game’s central protagonist, Weissbro encounters the inhabitants of this strange world, the dangers that lurk ahead, and the combat systems you’ll use to try to keep your head on.

Despite a straight to the point description in the trailer above, there are still plenty of powers to utilize as you cut through your enemies. As the humanoid embodiment of a black hole, you’ll wield incredible power in Grime and use that strength to hack and slash through any challenge with a range of living weapons. Aside form the horrors that await you in any souls like encounter, Grime stands out from the crowd with a surreal 2.5D aesthetic.

On the action front, Clover Bite promise intense combat as you “Punish enemies by parrying their attacks, smash them from the ground or even airborne, and absorb them to grow your strength as you wage war on a living world.” There should be plenty of room for improvement with monster challenges includes as part of the game’s built in skill progression and some very unusual experiences in store for anybody that is ready to traverse this maddening land. You can find out more about Grime over on the official Steam Store page as well as adding it to your wishlist or just taking a look at the trailer before Grime arrives on PC sometime in the future.

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