Grinding Gear Games Announces New Path of Exile Expansion

Grinding Gear Games has great news for fans of Path of Exile: A new expansion is on the way. The Scourge expansion will be launching for PC on October 22nd and on October 27th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

During the stream, Grinding Gear Games Co-founder Chris Wilson revealed that Scourge expansion will feature the Scourge Challenge League, six unique new items, improvements to the Atlas of Worlds, new aspirational endgame content, a revamped passive skill tree, new skill gems, and guild features, balance changes, and automatically-collected Artifacts.

Players will implant a device known as the Blood Crucible into their bodies, allowing them to fill the device with the blood of slain monsters that they fight. Once players gain enough blood, they can activate the device, allowing them to travel to a parallel, apocalyptic Wraeclast, overrun by demons known as The Scourge. Players must balance their time in the alternate Wraeclast, as the longer they’re there, the more damage they take.

Players can insert items into the Blood Crucible, allowing the item to absorb corruption from the parallel reality while slaying The Scourge. . Kill enough Scourge, and the item is ready to transform. When it does, it becomes corrupted and gains a pair of Scourged Modifiers. One of these is a beneficial mod and one is a detrimental mod. These scourged mods are in addition to the regular explicit and implicit mods or enchantments placed on the item with high-risk, high reward mechanics. These detrimental mods can significantly raise the requirements of the item, penalize the character’s stats (such as resistances) or outright turn off various mechanics like the ability to deal fire damage or gain charges. The goal is to balance these beneficial and detrimental mods to create a very powerful item. All equipment can be scourged and transformed up to three times, each time offering the opportunity to get a better pair of mods. 

There is a lot to unpack as always with a new PoE expansion, so be sure to head to the Path of Exile official site to dig into the details.

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