Grip Airblade Update Ditches Downforce For Anti-Grav Combat

Grip Airblade

Hot off an AMD Ryzen Stars award courtesy of the crowds at EGX Rezzed, Grip is about to bring a new update that looks set to wipe-out the competition. Now, Grip is getting anti-grav racing with the new Airblade update.

Launched back in November 2018, we got to Grip as it launched players into a world inspired by 90’s racing games of old. Full of insane speed, explosive action, an assortment of weapons, and a constantly shifting horizon Grip set our pulses racing. It included a ton of value with a rapid single-player campaign, couch play, and online options, all of which push players to fight their way to the front. Now, this homage to Rollcage is ditching the dirt for anti-grav racing.

“I’m pretty sure if WipeOut and Rollcage hooked up, this is the baby they’d pop out.”

said Leo Zullo, Managing Director of Wired Productions and it certainly looks like it embodies the best of both formats. Grip airblade action launches an entirely new class of racer onto the same tracks Grips fans already race around, going head to head with their wheeled competitors. Powered by the115 anti-grav engine, these Airblades are an entirely different beast to the current line-up of cars. Hovering just above the concrete they skim and weave, always ready to pounce. Even better, the cost of converting to anti-grav is minimal. The brand new update is already available for fans of the game who got in on the ground floor and can be acquired free of charge.

You can check out how they handle in the brand new trailer above before you find a ride. If you still remember driving an AG Systems racer around the bend then the Grip Airblade update might be worth your time. Grip is out now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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