Grip Goes VR

Grip, the Combat Racing Game from Wired Productions is plunging players into VR with a brand new update.

Grip VR just landed today, and no it is not an April Fools joke. IN an announcement video that looks decidedly like a prank, Grip developers Caged Element unveiled the latest free update to this Rollcage inspired racer. The High octane addition to Grip will support all VR solutions so whether you have an HTC Vive Cosmos or an Oculus Rift you’ll be able to dial up the action and old on for dear mercy.

Designed to bring back memories of Rollcage and Wipeout, Grip: Combat Racing puts players firmly in the cockpit of a highspeed racing machine and fires them around a total of 29 different gravity-defying courses. Futuristic cityscapes, desert courses, and snowy tundra all weave out in front of competitors, throwing players up walls and over bottomless chasms as they try to get to the front of the grid. A range of driving positions are available to experience in this update, including oversized 4×4 wheeled monstrosities and levitating attack craft that should keep things moving along at a hectic pace. If the incredible pace of time trials wasn’t enough, Grip also packs a range of weaponry in other modes, firing off machine ns, turbo boosts and missiles as the roster of vehicles duke it out across campaign and a range of multiplayer modes.

This ridiculous add-on doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice for a gentle VR escape and the tongue in cheek trailer clearly plays to this, calling the Grip VR update a “mind-melting racing experience”. If you are interested in settling down for an intense ride on the ceiling then Grip’s VR update is available now and for free. Grab a VR headset and check out the official Steam Store page to find out more or just try the game in a more traditional mode.


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