Gris is a gorgeous Avant Garde Video Game

GRIS PlayStation 4

It’s no surprise to anybody here that I love taking a look at the slightly odd side of video games. The offbeat and unusual are where some of the years best tend to turn up, and the latest title from Devolver Digital could very well be one of these. Gris, a very different take on the narrative experience, is due out on Nintendo Switch and PC at the end of this year.

The product of Spanish team, Normada Studio, follows a young girl called Gris who has suffered a painful experience in her life. Lost in her own world, players must guide her through a series of puzzles, platforms, and skill-based challenges to unlock the secrets that Gris hides.

As players proceed through this faded view of reality, Gris grows emotionally. Her dress acts as a clear manifestation of this journey and players who guide Gris well will unlock new abilities, as her perception of the world changes.

Gris’s environment is one of the most obvious attractions of this rather unusual narrative. A delicate watercolor world, it is a mixture of ideas, detailed animation, and a delicate score. All of these weave together to create a deeply compelling, and different, take on reality. While the game has no obvious threat of death and no clear failure state, I have long since given up the idea that puzzles are all about unlocking the BFG. If you want to visit Gris’s reality then you will have to wait until December. Until then, check out the reveal trailer, below, for a glimpse into Devolver’s most beautiful game yet.

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