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GTA Online

Got a hankering for some retro 80s action in video arcade glory? If so, look no further than the new playable arcade games that Rockstar just added into GTA Online. The dozen new games feature both single-player and multiplayer action and stand outside the normal story missions and multiplayer modes and are considered part of The Diamond Casino Heist.

Players are charged with setting up a groovy arcade as a front before pulling off a major robbery of The Diamond Casino Heist. “While the business runs above, down below you can practice hacking keypads or cracking vault doors, store equipment, and getaway vehicles, and owners of existing businesses can add a Master Control Terminal to handle all current operations.” But all work and no play isn’t very fun, so players can launch any one of the following games for some wicked bygone gaming fun.

  • Badlands Revenge II
  • Defender of the Faith
  • The Love Professor
  • Monkey’s Paradise
  • Nazar Speaks Fortune Teller
  • Penetrator
  • Race and Chase – Crotch Rockets
  • Race and Chase – Get Truckin’
  • Race and Chase – Street Legal
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw
  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad
  • The Wizard’s Ruin

As for the Diamond Heist, this is a huge new addition to the game that shakes up the normal gameplay arc. “The Diamond Casino Heist is an all-new approach to Heist architecture and execution: one huge gameplay-packed operation as you work with the Cheng family to infiltrate the most secure building in all of Los Santos. Featuring a diverse range of opportunities for set-up and prep missions that shape your plan of attack, multiple paths of approach, constantly changing security measures and a dizzying array of choices once inside. Expect outcomes for you and your crew to change on the fly as you deal with each new situation, leading to more choices mid-mission. Even if the best-laid plans go sideways, you’ll have the opportunity to keep the mission afloat without failing by shooting your way out with your remaining team lives, all allowing the Heist to be highly replayable with new scenarios unfolding each time.”

Check out the GTA Online official site to learn more.

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