Groovy Premium DLC for Planet Coaster Takes You Back to the Future & More


Planet Coaster fans with a bug for classic flicks & shows will be happy about the groovy new premium DLC. These paid DLC are themed around Back to the Future, Knight Rider & The Munsters!

Groovy DLC

Baby Boomers will love The Munsters construction kit that contains the Munster Koach and the “Drag-U-La” drag racer. That baby came from the 1966 movie “Munster Go Home!” In addition to the vehicles, the DLC also includes scenery pieces, FX pieces and a branded logo sign.

80s Hasselhoff fans will dig the Knight Rider KITT construction DLC. Players can build KITT in Super Pursuit mode and, of course, it’s evil counterpart, KARR. As with The Munsters set, KITT’s comes with scenery pieces, a karting replica for the “Speed” go-kart track, a branded logo sign and FX pieces.

The final construction kit will send players Back to the Future where you can build your own Future Time Machine. You’ll make a Delorean Time Machine in several variations including 1985 (original), 1885, 1955 and 2015 models. Each can use a number of wheels including standard tires or white-rimmed, hover wheels or railway wheels. Of course, it also comes with scenery pieces, FX pieces and a branded logo sign.

Each DLC will set you back $2.99 and they are available on the Frontier web site.

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