Grow Your Power As New Guild Wars 2 Content Lands in January

Get ready for more cataclysmic conflict as Chapter 2 of the Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Episode 5 – Power finally launches on 19 January 2021.

With a new year comes new content and the second instalment in Chapter 5 of The Icebrood Saga comes to Tyria. Since episode 1 launched back in November 2020, Guild Wars 2 players have been following the warfront as they trudge deeper and deeper into a new terror. With Jormag at their back and something new in front of them, Commanders will get a little closer to the truth and to the conclusion of the long running Icebrood Saga.

A New Challenge

The upcoming addition to Guild Wars 2 brings more than a laboriously long title. Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Episode 5, Chapter 2 – Power is set to give players answers to some questions raised in the first episode, Truce, and a bunch of extra content too. Four new Dragon Response Missions will be available in Thunderhead Peaks, Fields of Ruin, Lake Doric, and Snowden Drifts as the firey destruction that signals a very different Elder Dragon leeches out into the world. While the carnage continues, more allies can be summoned to the cause, and Power continues the Faction recruitment that Truce began. Two new groups will be on call, should you succeed.

If Tyria survives, you’ll have an opportunity to show off some of the spoils available in chapter 2. This multi part finale, and run up to Cantha, will begin to drop a new craft-able second tier of the Dragonslayer weapons as the second set of allies form up, a few weeks into release. You can get a glimpse of the shiny new additions and all the other content coming to Guild Wars 2 in the trailer above. Players who already own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire still have plenty of time to grab episode 1, Truce, for free just by logging into the hit MMORPG. Power will also be free, upon release, to owners of the same expansion pack. Sharpen your sword, and who your Power before episode 3 of this series turns up in March. You can check out all the details or grab Guild Wars 2 over at the official website now.

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