GTA IV returning to Steam without multiplayer


About a month ago, Rockstar unceremoniously removed GTA IV from Steam after it somehow lost the ability to generate new keys for the game. The snafu came after Microsoft ended support for Games for Windows Live which effectively axed Rockstar’s ability to make additional keys “in order to continue selling the current version of the game”. At the time, the company said that it would be looking for “other options for distributing” the game and that more would be shared soon.

In a new post on the Steam page, Rockstar has detailed a number of changes made to ensure that players can continue to enjoy both GTAIV and Episodes from Liberty City. New players will only be able to purchase the Complete Edition of the game and existing players will need to upgrade their version to the Complete Edition as well. However, this move does remove popular features from the previous version. Most notably, both multiplayer and leaderboards are being eliminated from the Steam version completely. In addition, RamJam FM, Self-Actualization, and Vice City FM radio stations will not be available.

Check out all of the particulars on the GTA IV Steam page to learn more.

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