GTA Online players offered double cash options all week

GTA Online

From now through the end of the week, GTA Online players can leverage a bunch of activities in-game to earn double cash. In addition, the Ocelot Jugular has zoomed into the game and it is one sweet looking ride.

The Ocelot Jugular is a sports car to rival the best of them. It “cuts down the road with the precision of a surgeon” and can reach mind-boggling speeds along the way. Players with enough scratch can grab one from Legendary Motorsport.

Players who are looking for new challenges will want to check out King of the Hill, a brand new activity in GTAO. As many as 16 players join 2-4 teams and try to ascend to high ground. The action takes place on seven different maps that span the breadth of San Andreas. As expected, everyone will be shooting and dodging to ascent, so it’s important to have the right weapon. It’s worth participation due to Double GTA$ and RP through October 16th.

There are other ways to take home big bucks. This includes taking part in Client Jobs and by participating in Special Cargo Sell Missions. Both include Double GTA$ and Client Jobs rewards Double RP as well.

There are a number of new additions to the Casino Store for players to spend all that hard-earned GTA$ on. Players will also want to head to the Diamond Casino & Resort to spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance at tons of goodies that might even include the Principe Deveste Eight.

Lastly, players who have their Social Club account connected to Red Dead Redemption 2, and who play GTA Online through December 12 will receive the Slaughter Mask in Red Dead Online without having to preorder.

Check out the full report on the GTA Online official site.

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