GTA Online – The Cayo Perico Heist Now Available

GTA Online

Rockstar has announced the release of a massive update to GTA Online. The Cayo Perico Heist is considered the biggest update to the game in its history and brings a host of new gameplay features to players around the world.

The Madrazo crime family has a problem with one of their suppliers – the infamous drug lord, El Rubio, who is threatening extortion unless they renegotiate their terms. Now, it’s up to players to find a way to infiltrate El Rubio’s heavily secured private island home of Cayo Perico and escape with his incriminating files, and all the gold, art, and cash as they can carry – all while making it back to Los Santos in one piece. 

New GTAO features include:

  • a trio of new radio stations well-known DJs stepping in to spin the tunes
  • a major update of existing stations with tons of new tracks
  • new weapons and vehicles
  • a heavily armed Submarine, the Kosatka
  • soloable gameplay
  • new clothing stores with all new gear
  • a free Dinka Veto Classic go-kart through December 20th

Check out the GTA Online official site to learn more.

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