Guild Esports Is Launching The Guild Academy

Guild Esports, the growing competitive esports organisations co-owned by David Beckham has just announced an online academy for aspiring gaming stars.

With massive events, huge prize pools, and fleeting fame on offer for the best players esports stardom is an incredibly appealing prospect, but plenty of up and coming talent is simply lost among the smurfs, trolls, and aimbots of online leagues. Guild, the London based esports organization has just announced a new online academy to help provide a path to pro system based on the traditional sports academy model.

Launching first with Fortnite & Rocket League specific training, the new Guild academy is open to players 11+ and will give players access to detailed training programmes, designed to improve specific areas of play. For those just entering the arena, Guild is set to provide peer-to-peer coaching and advice, whereby players are able to record specific areas of gameplay which can then be reviewed by more experienced players and feedback and advice given. Of course, anybody working their way to the top of this system is liable to be offered live player development, greater 1-2-1 support, and invitations to bootcamp.

Guild is also touting this as a balanced approach to player development, including a dedicated Parents Centre, keeping them involved and informed about careers in esports. Robust policies will be in place to ensure a safe and friendly environment, and all players under 15 will require parental approval to join the online academy. This being bundled with education on nutrition and life balance, according to Guild.

The Guild Academy is a chargeable expense and will cost £4.99 or local equivalent each month. So the question is, is getting to diamond rank worth it? You can check out the launch video above and find out more over at Guild’s website now.

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