Guild Wars 2 – Check Out Cool Infographic Dedicated To Nine Years of the Game

Guild Wars 2 - Check Out Cool Infographic Dedicated To Nine Years of the Game

Tyrian heroes first began their Guild Wars 2 adventures during the pre-launch early access on August 25 which means that the oldest characters – and the game itself! – have just turned nine years old. To celebrate the occasion, the developers from ArenaNet have prepared special gifts, a cool infographic you can find below, a new roadmap, trailer, and much more. Let’s dive right in!

A Committed Anniversary Achievement Box will be delivered to the first character to reach the nine-year milestone on your account. Additionally, each of your characters will receive the character rewards on their ninth birthday through the in-game mail system. Check out the full list of gifts on the game’s Wiki page!

Guild Wars 2 Live: Fall and Winter 2021

With Summer coming to an end, the developers have shared their plans for this fall and winter, with quick notes on what’s coming between now and February 2022 when Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons launches.

The first elite specialization beta event just finished and the team is reading through the players’ feedback on Virtuoso, Harbinger and Willbender. The second and third beta events will feature another set of elite specs to try out. All elite specializations will be playable in the fourth beta event. It will also feature the new siege turtle mount!

  • Elite Specializations Beta 2: September 21 (Preview Livestream: September 17)
  • Elite Specializations Beta 3: October 26 (Preview Livestream: October 22)
  • Elite Specializations Beta 4: November 30—All Elite Specializations and Siege Turtle Mount

Living World

The Living World continues with the first episode of Season 4, “Daybreak”. Log in every week through September 28 to unlock a free Living World Season 4 episode and catch up on the story and rewards. Free episodes of The Icebrood Saga will be in the spotlight weekly from October 19 through November 30.

Complete new achievements for each Living World episode to progress the Seasons of the Dragons meta-achievement and prepare for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons with fantastic rewards!

  • Complete 4 Meta-Achievements—Ascended Weapon Choice
  • Complete 10 Meta-Achievements—Fragment of Prismatic Light
  • Complete 16 Meta-Achievements—32-Slot Inventory Bag
  • Complete 24 Meta-Achievements—Legendary Amulet and “Returning Champion” Title

Nine Years of Guild Wars 2 in Numbers:

  • Over 16 million Guild Wars 2 accounts were created
  • Players spent over 218,000 years in the game and earned 12,000,000,000 achievement points
  • Players have participated in 20,333,832 PvP matches over 28 League Seasons
  • The most popular mount skins are Spooky Raptor, Magnificent Hummingbird, and Shrine Guardian Jackal

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