Guild Wars 2 Drums Up Dragon Bash And Kills Off Dungeon Currencies Today

Guild Wars 2 Drums Up Dragon Bash And Kills Off Dungeon Currencies Today

Guild Wars 2 might be bringing back the Dragon bash Festival today, but we’re far more intrigued to see the dungeon reward revamp that has just gone live.

Players logging into Guild Wars 2 can head over to Hoelbrak, the winter-themed Norn homestead, to take on the Dragon Bash festival. A celebration of success and generally taking down winged reptiles, this intermittent festivity is a way to mark Tyria’s resistance against the might of the Elder Dragons, even if it’s kind of bad taste with Aurene and all. Players taking up the challenge can once again participate in a range of activities during this limited time event, to grab some awesome looking dragon loot. This includes:

  • Dragon Arena: Show off your dragon-fighting prowess against lifelike holograms in the Dragon Arena, or tackle a more difficult gauntlet in Dragon Arena Survival.
  • Hologram Stampede: The fighting continues in the Hologram Stampede, a map-wide scramble to clear the Hoelbrak countryside of deadly enemies.
  • Piñata Bashing: Master the tradition of destroying dragon piñatas in the Piñata Bashing adventure.
  • Dragon Bash Rally: Speed around Hoelbrak in a mounted race, the Dragon Bash Rally.
  • Moa Race: Tigg’s famous racing moas return in a moa race event. Put your zhaitaffy on the line and cheer on the winner!

These activities mean new rewards for taking part. Three new in game weapons, a new Dragonbone weapon set, guild decorations, and shiny new Holographic Dragon Greaves. Thankfully you’ve still got plenty of time to jump in and complete the overall meta, but this isn’t the only set of rewards you’ll want to look into today.

Dungeon Reward Changes

If, like me, you’ve just never been able to drag yourself back to dungeons, then this might be the time to top off your collection of gear. No longer will you need to loiter around looking for Tears of Ascalon to fill out your wardrobe. Dungeon tokens are dead. In the most recent patch notes for this massive MMO, ArenaNet has confirmed that :

A new global dungeon currency, Tales of Dungeon Delving, has been introduced.
All previous dungeon currencies have been retired.
Completing any dungeon will now award Tales of Dungeon Delving.
Existing dungeon currencies will be converted to the new Tales of Dungeon Delving currency upon logging in.

This new currency will be used to purchase exotic armor, weapons, and the all important legendary gifts from merchants. So, if you never got round to crafting The Predator because you couldn’t face another run then there’s another reason to go back and grind a couple of these subterranean instances. You can check out more about the new changes o currencies and experience Dragon Bash for free by joining Tyria over on the official Guild Wars 2 website now.

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