Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion Announced – Cantha Confirmed!

Hold the memes, this is not a drill. ArenaNet’s hugely popular MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, is getting a third expansion and it is going to Cantha.

In an announcement that is sure to please many long term fans of the Guild Wars franchise, ArenaNet has confirmed that the latest fully formed expansion in the Guild Wars 2 story is coming. Titled ‘End of Dragons’ the new expansion will set sail sometime in 2021, taking players on a journey South towards the fabled region of Cantha. With no word from the mysterious island nation for over 200 years, it will be up to players to use their wits cunning, and courage to help end the cycle of destruction that has always hung over Tyria. This exciting news comes with a brand new trailer, which you can watch above, giving us a glimpse of what might be coming. While there isn’t a huge amount of information included in the trailer, it does nod back to the original Guild Wars, with mention of Kuunavang, a powerful dragon who might very well still be at large in Cantha.

Loading On Steam

In addition to this imminent trip South, Guild Wars 2 is also set to make its way onto Steam for the first time. From November, Guild Wars 2, its two expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, and the entirety of the game’s Living World content – including The Icebrood Saga – will be available on Valve’s Steam platform. For anybody that wants to check out this new vendor, point your nearest Asura at the new Steam Store page.

“Guild Wars 2 has endured for the better part of a decade because of its innovative gameplay, rich storytelling, and passionate fanbase,” said Chauncey Gammage, Chief Operating Officer, NCSOFT West. “As the game’s incredible fantasy world prepares to grow once again with the End of Dragons expansion, we are excited to bring this universally acclaimed gaming experience to Steam users around the globe.”

Eight Years Strong

With eight years of content already, there should still be plenty of content available for players preparing for a trip to Cantha. ArenaNet unlocked a brand new Skimmer mount ability earlier today and the eighth birthday celebrations are still ongoing right now. Me, I’m going to be fetching that old copy of the original Guild Wars and heading back to Cantha before the Jade Wind.

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