Guild Wars 2 Finally Has Capes


Guild Wars 2 just got a huge update that will change the face of the game as we know it. Ok, it actually just got capes!

Don’t misunderstand, the surprise addition to the game has just added a feature that fans of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 have been clamoring for since the battle for the Mists began back in August 2012. Players who logged in to grab a look at the new balance and weapon swapping abilities added to several classes might have been forgiven for missing the sneaky addition but Reddit quickly got to work with the fashion accessories.

Tasty Drapes?

Coming in two distinct flavors, this is the first major update since A Whisper in the Dark launched and heroes of Tyria can grab these capes from guild vendors or the Gem Store. The luxurious adornment that you can see above is an item available via the game’s cosmetic gem store and sets payers a bunch of in-game gems. Anybody who is not quite up to that outlay can acquiree a slightly different guild cape for 10 gold and an equivalent number of Guild Commendations.

The Gem Store’s Emblazoned Cape is a full-length addition that takes the place of one back slot item on your character and comes with 4 different dye channels, allowing players to get creative with their color scheme.

The Guild Cape is a shorter number that can be picked up from 7 different guild vendors and comes with just two available dye channels. Being a guild cape, this also has a character’s guild crest emblazoned across it just as guild armor or shields might do.

The reaction over the last couple of days to this addition has been mixed. Capes in Guild Wars 2 have a long way to go before they are just as customizable as players of the first game will remember but I’m personally quite glad we aren’t looking at an item hat’s stuffed into Black Lion Chests, the game’s own loot box system. You can check out ArenaNet’s blog post about the addition on pages over at the official Guild Wars 2 website and jump into Guild Wars 2 to try out the cape now. Just remember, no matter how heroic you look they won’t make you fly.


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