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Guild Wars 2, the massive MMORPG from Arena Net, has a new Content Lead and he has unveiled a ton of information on Guild Wars 2 future content.

Content Design Lead, Andrew Gray actually took his current post a few months ago but after bedding in with the Bellvue team, he took to the game’s official forums to detail how the game is going to move forward. The post comes after a mixed response to the latest Living World update, A Shadow in the Ice, but covers a whole lot more than just this episodic update to the MMO.

Roadblock In The Map

before getting into the specific detail about what’s coming, Grey made note of the challenges that the US studio faced of late. A restructuring by parent company NCSoft saw a sizeable chunk of the Guild Wars 2 team let go and individuals moved around. While the losses were mainly on other projects, event eh hit to morale is likely to have been problematic for the core Guild Wars 2 developers.

Back On The Path

With the studio firmly back to work and moving forward gray lead on from this by detailing what’s on the horizon for players. Before episode three of the Living world appears, Guild Wars 2 will release a new type of content called “Visions fo the Past”. While exact details on what this is are scant, it is expected that players will lay as a new character and follow a side quest style update that delves into additional content. The first of these is described on the Guild Wars 2 forum by Elijah Miller, Senior Designer.

Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire
“Scry into the past and witness what life is like as a member of Ryland’s elite Steel Warband. Armed with the finest charr technology, the group will head into deadly snowstorms, dwarven ruins, and even explore the Darkrime Delves”


Beyond that, things get a little vague on Living World but fear not Fractals fans. This ongoing dungeon replacement also delves into Tyria’s pas with a slightly more difficult learning curve. Grey confirmed that Fractals will get love and hopefully we will see more content coming with the affirmation that “ personally committed to Fractals and see them as an area that deserves more focus and attention going forward.”


Raids look like they will continue with more focus on the hardcore raiding scene in Guild Wars 2. “Our intention was for Strike Missions to be that intermediary step into 10-person content,” said Grey. After confirming that the team missed the marker when it came to balancing content between the two, this update leads us to believe Raids are also going to get more focus going forward.

You can check out the full post on the official forums and hang on for more detail at PAX East as it arrives.



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