Guild Wars 2 Launches Whisper in the Dark Next Week

Guild Wars 2 returns to the Living World with the very first episode of a new narrative tale. Whisper in the Dark kicks off Season 5 on 19 November.

After banishing Elder Dragons, polishing off a mad scientist, and introducing build templates it’s time to get you gloves out, Commander. Guild Wars 2, the hit MMORPG from ArenaNet is heading north to face a brand new threat. After the revelry of Bound by Blood, things are about to get serious for Tyria.

Going North

As the tide turns towards the frozen wastes of the Northern Shiverpeaks, tales of an abominable antlered beast ride across the wind. Innocent victims vanish into the depths of the wood and story of their death abound. With the threat of an unknown evil stalking the woods and a desperate Charr War Band on the loose things are bound to get heated. As the Commander ventures to the furthest explored reaches of this hazardous landscape, players will uncover a decimated Vigil outpost, destruction, and horror on the mountains.

Whisper in the Dark doesn’t just introduce a new threat to Tyria. The latest Living World episode adds a range of activities for players. This includes:

  • A new map, the Bjora Marches
  • Four new multi-tier Mastery tracks fueled by norn spirit magic: Essence Manipulation and Raven Attunement
  • Three new Strike Mission bosses, including the grim and sinister Boneskinner, that rotate weekly and provide unique rewards for players who defeat them
  • A new two-tier upgradable Ancient Boreal weapon set
  • A new Raven-inspired exotic scepter skin
  • A campfire s’mores roasting kit

Yep, a campfire roasting kit. As you’d expect this update for Guild Wars 2 is absolutely free when it launches next week. Just log into the game to unlock the episode and ensure you have a full copy of the game to play. Players who want to sharpen their sense for what’s coming can check out the trailer above or head over to the official website before Whisper in the Dark ventures north.


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