Guild Wars 2 Servers Suffer Weekend Rollback

guild wars 2 rollback

Guild Wars 2, the hit MMORPG form AnrenaNet, just rolled back EU servers and it looks like Tyrians lost an entire weekend of gameplay.

Reports of the server rollback started trickling in this morning across social media and the Guild Wars 2 forums within the last few hours but it does indeed appear now that servers within the EU regions of the game have rolled back to Saturday morning local time. We first noticed anything was amiss thanks to a quick tweet by Guild Wars 2 twitterminer “@that_shaman” The reported rollback only seems to have impacted EU servers as of midday European time today but we have absolutely no idea if the same fate awaits for American players of AnrenaNet’s online multiplayer RPG.


Players caught out by the rollback have already reported losing items, gems, gold, and in-game progress on everything from raid wings to crafting master lines. This is to be expected when a server is entirely rolled back but reports are that PVP, Guild Halls, and the in-game trading post are not impacted. This puts further weight on the suspicion that the rollback is related to characters only. You can follow the details over on the Subreddit and via the official forums.

Right now, we are working off reports from the Guild Wars 2 community with no official word from ArenaNet on the cause of the issue. We’ve reached out and are waiting for more information on the expected impact on players. For now, it’s probably best to stay inside and find something that doesn’t involve logging into Tyria until the Skritt have been dealt with and the Guild Wars 2 server rollback has been resolved one way or another.





ArenaNet have announced the following, on the Guild Wars 2 forums. Once we get more specific details we will update in our news.

Thank you for your patience. Maintenance has concluded and you should be able to log in to GW2 on EU servers again.

As part of the fix, we have restored all EU player accounts to their standing at roughly 2:40 AM PT on May 11. We’re continuing to help players who are still missing items, or who made gem purchases or in-game transactions after that point. Please check your account carefully. If you find that you are still missing items or account progress, submit a ticket and Customer Support will help you as soon as possible.

We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this incident caused and are exploring ways to make up the downtime to our player community.


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