Guild Wars 2 – Super Adventure Festival is Back!

Guild Wars 2 - Super Adventure Festival is Back!

The developers of MMORPG Guild Wars 2 have announced the return of the Super Adventure Festival that will be running through April 26th.

Asuran genius Moto is bringing his high-tech invention, the Super Adventure Box, back for a yearly festival! Get ready to jump into the box and collect power-ups, test your bouncing skills, challenge Lord Vanquish, and collect bauble bubbles to exchange for rewards.

Super Adventure Box was created to teach valuable lessons to asuran progeny, but it’s fun for all ages. Take up your trusty stick and chase after the evil Lord Vanquish, who has kidnapped Princess Miya—you’ll find hidden secrets, dangerous enemies, and new ways to power up your hero within the colorful world of the box.

Princess Miya’s champions can claim exclusive rewards to commemorate their bravery. Collect Shimmer Baubles, combine them to create Bauble Bubbles, and then trade them to Moto for awesome prizes like weapon skins, guild-hall decorations, and boom boxes that play your favorite Super Adventure Box tunes. You’ll be the coolest hero around Guild Wars 2!

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