Guild Wars 2 Takes To The Air Land And Sea For Festival Of The Four Winds

Guild Wars 2’s high flying celebration is back, with plenty of new activities and rewards in Festival of the Four Winds.

Open right now and ongoing, Festival of the Four Winds is live in Guild Wars2. The latest seasonal event features the return of the Zephyrites to Tyria as ArenaNet reopens the Labyrinthine Cliffs for some high altitude frivolity. For fans of this long running MMORPG, that means a chance to scale huge heights and dive back into the Sanctum Sprint and Aspect Arena, where players can wield powerful magic to battle or simply race around the map.

Alongside the returning events up in the clouds, this celebration now takes to the sea. A new Skiff race is waiting at the base of the Labyrinthine Cliffs, while a brand new fishing tournament challenges players to bag one THIS BIG! Don’t worry if you haven’t picked up the fantastic End of Dragons expansion, rental skiffs are available for newer players too. Tons of other games are on offer during this event, from a Flying Dolyak race to a Treasure Hunt meta-event, all with the intent of dropping lots of loot and new rewards.

Players who are proficient in all the festival’s many offerings can pick up a glorious looking new Zephyrite Shawl, a new shoulder armor piece crafted in the Zephyrite tradition, for completing the annual Four Winds Customs meta-achievement. There’s also a new Watchwork weapon set, but you’ll need to finish off the annual Four Winds Customs meta-achievement. For those that aren’t feeling quite so committed can finish up their daily achievements, grab a Four Winds Prize Bag, and hope for a tradeable weapon inside.

If all this is setting off your vertigo, then the Crown Pavilion has reopened in Divinity’s Reach, challenging players to defeat recreations of humanity’s greatest foes, legendary champions, and notorious figures! This also means the Boss Blitz is back, a boss rush mode that should keep you spamming heals and dodging the biggest attacks as you run in circles.

Frankly, the amount of content is kind of ridiculous, so head over to the Guild Wars 2 Forum for the full patch notes and then try to mind the gap as you leap between ledges in The Festival of The Four Winds.

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