Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Ends Next Week

Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga ends next week when the final episode of this adventure drops on 27 April.

After months of strife, war, and some seriously long episode names Tyrians will face their fate ArenaNet drop an epic climax to The Icebrood Saga next week. Due to arrive on 27 April, the fourth and final episode of The Icebrood Saga is the culmination of AnrenaNet’s latest push back against the Elder Dragons. With three of these monsters crossed off our lists, fire and ice still flow over the land and two of the most powerful forces Tyria has ever seen are set to clash. Hopefully, something will be left alive afterwards.

After several months of Dragon Response missions, expectations among the Guild Wars 2 player base are high for this new update. Titled ‘Judgement’ it will find Braham prepared to fulfil his destiny, channelling the power of Primordus as he tries to halt the unrelenting Icebrood and Jormag, the ice dragon. Players will find themselves thrust between these two forces of nature in an effort to stop the conflict by any means necessary, and I have no doubt the fallout will be catastrophic.

With such an epic stage, ArenaNet is adding something extra special for open world enthusiasts. Trek through the devastation of Judgment and you might encounter a brand new 80 player world boss encounter, the likes of which might even make Tequatl seem like a small fish, dragon. Additionally, the chapter’s world boss will also be available in a special private squad version for up to 50 friends and guildmates, on the off chance you are after a challenge.

Loot Climax

With epic bosses comes epic rewards and this narrative high comes with plenty of extra rewards. Alongside the final update to this season’s Dragon mastery line, players will be able to earn new dragon-themed rewards: a new cape, a dragon eye infusion to channel their inner Elder Dragon, a special icy greatsword skin, and new dragon-themed minis.

If you’re ready to get up close and personal with Primordus or chill with Jormag then existing owners of the Path of Fire expansion can pickup Judgement for free, just by logging in. In the meantime, get acquainted with the sights and sounds of Elder Dragons by checking out our interview with Maclaine Diemer and taking a peek at the new trailer above.

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