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Parents are usually pretty careful to avoid giving kids a ton of sweets so that they avoid cavities. Thankfully these sweets are not going to give you cavities, but they will kick your behind if you are not careful. With the freedom to choose from whichever colorful gummy you want, you will try to beat the other characters before something bad happens to you. This is our review for A Gummy’s Life on Nintendo Switch.

From Developer and Publisher EP Games, comes a game of weird physics, wonky character movements, and some pretty fun maps. A Gummy’s Life was a title I watched at E3 and remember thinking it was going to be fun for parents and children to play together. It is a game where you get to choose a gummy character ranging from sharks, watermelon slices, and even twizzler type characters. Your objective is simple, take out the other gummy candies before they take you out.

From the first time I played against AI characters, to playing with my son I was amazed by the characters. They are pretty lifelike for a game about candy characters. One thing I noticed in the gameplay though, it is very hard to control your actions. They give you a page that shows all of the controls, and pretty much every button on the controller is an attack or action. When you push the buttons though, that’s when things get wonky. The punches are slow, the kicks didn’t seem like kicks, and jumping puts you in bad spots sometimes. Once I realized that pressing and holding the buttons start to wind up the attacks, and releasing them performs them, things got a bit easier to handle.

The maps in this game are pretty fun and encompass moving levels and non-moving ones. One of my favorite maps is one with a moving train, and you are all placed on top of the train. You duke it out and try to knock the other gummy characters off the back of the train. There are many levels, and these levels bring many different challenges to you and your opponents. These are only are few.

Gummy’s Life allows you to play a couple of ways. You have the option to play by yourself with AI, you can play co-op with friends or family and AI in local play, and you can play online multiplayer. You can play in a free-for-all, or teams as well. It is truly a game of the wills as you go all-out against everyone in the room. Whether you are together or apart, have some fun.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Gummy’s Life is fun for the family but a little difficult to learn to play. The controls are a bit rough for me to learn, so imagine a younger kid trying to get these controls down and getting frustrated with it. Those few things aside, the levels and characters are colorful and engaging, and they give you enough to have a great time. Normally $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, on sale currently for $13.49 USD and available now. Go out and have some fun. It's also available on Steam.
  • Interactive Levels
  • Plenty of Characters
  • 8 players local or online
  • Hard Controls
  • Physics make for weird gameplay
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