Gun Jam Is A New Rhythm Shooter

gun jam

British Developer Jaw Drop Games just announced they are set to unleash a musical FPS called Gun Jam and it looks like a gun barrel of fun.

It appears that A British independent studio better known for puzzler QUBE are set to take the traditional blaster and strike up a new beat. After unleashing a teaser onto twitter back in mid-April, game designer Dan Da Rocha received overwhelmingly positive interest for a game that takes a rather different spin on the traditional run and gun. Anybody who watched the video will instantly realise that Gun Jam mixes musical rhythm game mechanics with the intense action of first-person shooters. Only able to shoot as the game rhythm targets align with the centre of the screen’s action, all the action matches the tempo of an original soundtrack.

Gamers who do pick up this unique take on two very disparate genres will get to chose to form a range of in-game protagonists, environments, and hopefully weapons to blow away the competition. A variety of arcade and campaign modes will launch with the title, and we really hope we see a competitive mode too. As with any rhythm adventure, you’ll find a leaderboard so the best of the best can shoot for number one.

Anybody that has played Doom or Doom Eternal will understand how music can enhance the visceral blasting FPS experience but Gun Jam looks set to take thealmost balletic destruction of the iD classic in a different direction when they finish off Gun Jam. Anybody ready to lock and load can pick it up first on PPC, and t is already on the Steam Store. We don’t have a release date as yet for Gun Jam or a final price but we do know we’re heading over to wishlist it on the Gun Jam Steam Store page now.

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