Gundam Breaker Headed Westward as a PlayStation Exclusive

Bandai Namco has announced that Gundam Breaker is heading to the West as a PlayStation exclusive. The company made the announcement last week along with a projected arrival sometime in 2018.

Gundam Breaker

The game will allow players to “mix-and-match” model kits in order to create their own unique suit. The more enemies that are beaten, the better the available parts become, with many of them salvageable from defeated enemies. In fact, it even appears that parts can be knocked off enemies and immediately equipped. Sort of customization on the fly!

The single player campaign will take place in Gunbre High School Private Academy. The goal there is to rise through the ranks to using Gunpla building skills. For those who prefer PvP, there will be 3v3 matches similar to those found in other series’ titles.

Breaker is the latest in a long line of games in the series. The first was released for PlayStation 3 and Vita in 2013, while the third launched in 2016. However, this marks the first time a Breaker game has been released in North America and Europe.

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