Guns of Icarus Alliance – Death From Above

The sun is shining through the clouds, the birds are chirping as they fly by, you are sitting on the deck of your steampunk airship. Suddenly you are rocked by an explosion, and you are almost knocked off of the ship. Someone is attacking your ship from a distance. A fire has broken out and you need to stop it as quickly as possible since you are the engineer. This is our review for Guns of Icarus Alliance on PlayStation 4.

Developed and published by Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Alliance on PlayStation 4 is a culmination of PvE and PvP gaming, and it is also cross-platform capable for play with Guns of Icarus Online members on Steam. At its core, this game was originally designed to be played versus other players. Once that was accomplished the developers made the decision to expand the game to PlayStation 4 and to add a player versus environment experience as well. Alliance gives you all of the Player versus Player you can take from the original game and adds in the Player versus Environment gameplay you could want.

The game is only playable online with a registered PlayStation + account. The great news is that you can play across platforms with players on steam. Likewise, the Steam players can also download the DLC needed to play Player versus Environment as well, but can still play with PS members. Once you get in the game you have the chance to be a Pilot, an Engineer, or a Gunner. The tutorial starts you off on an airship and takes you around to the different pieces of your new weapons platform. You learn how to repair and rebuild your ship while in battle, as well as how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Even if you aren’t playing against other players, you can still play against the Artificial Intelligence in the game. One problem with that, the AI learns as it plays. When it loses it literally learns from the way you play and makes the adjustments to make it harder for you to win the next fight. Every battle matters in this game as well based on the way the map is set up for rivals. You can select different areas on the map to get those places attacked to overcome your rival’s areas. You can earn the ability upgrade your ship in this world of steampunk air to air combat. Along with upgrading your weapons you can also choose different hulls for the ships and make custom ships that are different from every other player. Remember that your ship is all you have, there is no safe port of call so you will need to keep it up in repairs and make it happen.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is out on PlayStation 4 on 05/01/18 for the price of 14.99 USD or 11.24 USD for PS Plus Members. Get out there and find your crew and rule the skies!

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PlayStation 4 with a code provided by PR.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is a great, fast paced, airship battling game where you take control of a steampunk ship and get a crew of 4. I personally found the battling in this to be fun and had a little bit longer time with the learning curve of how to fix the ship. Outside of that it is a very fun game.
  • Fast Paced Airship Battles
  • Multiple Roles gives you variety
  • Great Graphics
  • Learning curve takes a while to figure out everything
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