Gwent Android Closed Beta is Coming

gwent android beta

Gwent, the competitive card game from CD Projekt Red, is finally coming to Android devices and closed beta applications are open.

Due to begin on 10 March, the Android port of this Witcher card game, comes after dealing a successful hand on iOS, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Originally launched back in 2018 and first hitting mobile devices in 2019, this version of the unique card game has been hotly anticipated by fans of the Witcher franchise.

Available on a first come first served basis, places on the Gwent closed beta are available to anybody with a free GOG.COM and Google Play account. Anybody sitting down by the fire will find every game mode and feature unlocked for the beta trial so you can go solo against monsters or fight the Northern realms in the Arena. Any progress that players make leveling up their account and collecting some of the fully animated cards that the game has to offer will roll over once the game goes live on 24 March 2020.

Gwent is unique among many of its competitors, not only did it spawn out of a simple set of collection quests in The Witcher 3, it dispenses with the single lane dynamics that are at the core of many CCG. Instead, Gwent allows players to play their hand across three lines of the battlefield, pitting their front mid and back lines against an opponent’s, and merging a number of different talents to their attack. With Factions such as the Skellige, Scoia’Tael, and Nilfgaard all present players can use troops and elemental bonuses particular to that faction to influence their troops and the conditions across the battlefield. Dispatch cavalry or freeze the ground so they can’t use theirs during the Gwent Android closed beta.

To find out more about Gwent, head over to the official Gwent website to sign up for battle and join current PC and iOS players as you consider the enemy’s moves, and respond with Hmmmmmm and F***.


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