Gwent Back To Novigrad In June

Gwent, the deck building card title from CD Projekt Red, is about to get a second expansion. On 28 June players can journey back to Redania’s free city as Gwent Novigrad launches.

Coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One, Gwent Novigrad takes players back to a port city that once lay within the borders of Redania. As one of the major ports in this region, it thrives with commerce, culture, and crime. Alongside the zoos and exotic treasures lies a seething underbelly ready to fleece the layman and corrupt the malleable mind. As players enter this vibrant metropolis, things aren’t quite what they seem. The crime lords that vie for control of this jewel are found working together and strange happenings are almost commonplace.

Novigrad might be well known to fans of The Witcher franchise. It acts as one of the main regions in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, alongside Skellige and Velen. Designed to feel somewhere between medieval Amsterdam and Venice, it plays on the portside influences of both historical locations.

Gwent Novigrad returns to this, now free, city and challenges players to unravel the mystery of this behavior. Players can follow their own path or even join the Syndicate, a brand new faction of criminals and cutthroats with eyes of gold. Five new faction leaders head up these gangs of miscreants, each with their own abilities and backstory. This includes a reckless gang leader called Cleaver, the shadowy King of Beggars, and the city’s hierarchy Hemmelfart. These faction leaders join over ninety brand new cards as the narrative unfolds. Combat unveils a whole range of new archetypes, combos, and playstyles unique to each of the new cards.

Gwent Novigrad might be due son, but you can already pre-order the latest expansion. The Eternal Fire Premium Cardback includes 15 Novigrad Kegs to unpack and the Spectral Fire Premium Cardback includes 20 Novigrad Premium Kegs to sweeten the deal. These will set adventurers back £15.49 and £30.99 consecutively, or your local equivalent. You can check out more about the Gwent Novgrad expansion at the official website now.

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