Gwent Expanding with Way of the Witcher

CD Projekt Red has announced that a new expansion is coming to Gwent on December 8, 2020. Way of the Witcher will bring a new game mode and the third Season of Journey to the game when it launches for PC, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Players can look forward to a number of cool new additions including 70 new cards that are focused on the expansion’s theme of revealing more about the origins of witchers and Alzur, “one of the greatest sorcerers in the continent’s history”. There will be a number of faction-specific cards and ten neutral cards that can be used across all factions. In addition, new abilities and mechanics will be introduced including Adrenaline “which triggers only when you have a specific number of cards or less left to play”.

Preorders are already open via the in-game store. These feature Card Kegs that contain premium cards from the expansion. Other packs can include the Alzur premium card, Alzur’s Laboratory board, a shape-shifting card back, and “the Witcher” player title. It’s worth noting that these packs will not be able to be opened until the launch of the expansion.

Learn more about Way of the Witcher by visiting the Gwent official site.

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