GWENT Price of Power: Thanedd Coup Expansion Unveiled

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game just revealed the Thanedd Coup expansion for anybody ready to slay monsters.

CD Projekt Red’s mini-game that spawned an entirely separate deck-building adventure of its own has just revealed yet another expansion for wannabe Witchers. Called Thanedd Coup, the newest entry in the Witcher franchise will arrive on PC, Apple M1 Macs, iOS, and Android on August 3rd for free. At absolutely no cost to players, Thanedd Coup will continue the Price of power storyline. Following on from the initial release of Price of Power: Once Upon a Pyre, this new tale moves from scene-setting to an epic clash between the mages of Nilfgaard and mages of the North that occurred during a conclave on Thanedd Island.

This Thanedd Coup is the second instalment of the three-part Price of Power expansion, introducing a total of 26 new cards to GWENT — 4 cards of different rarities per faction and 2 neutrals — offering fresh tactics and tricks for players to utilize during battle. The free version o this expansion will not unlock everything that CD Projekt Red has stuffed into the game, however. To confirm access to everything that The Price of Power series has to offer, including a set of vanities, including the exclusive Pyre coin, as well as instant access to all premium Price of Power cards from each of the set’s expansions, players can pick up the Price of Power Expansion Pass for $59.99 / £42.29 or local equivalent.

If you want a look ahead at what the Nilfgaard have in store when the Thanedd Coup arrives on 3 August then check out the brand new trailer for this instalment of Gwent, or inspect everything the Price of power pass has to offer and prepare for this new battle over on the official Gwent website now.

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