Gwent PS4 Technical Beta to Get Underway This Weekend


Gwent PlayStation 4 fans rejoice! The technical beta for the card game based on The Witcher series will be running all weekend. From Friday, March 31st to Monday, April 3rd, the game will be available for download and play.

Gwent lets you revist your Witcher buddies

Geralt’s favorite game first appeared in the Witcher series and is a card game between two people. Cards feature familiar characters from the series including Triss, Yennifer and Ciri.

From the Gwent Wikipedia:

The goal is to win 2 out of 3 rounds by playing cards and spells to gain strength on the board. Winning round rewards the player with either ores, scraps or cards. Players can gain additional cards by buying kegs with ores or through micro-transactions, each keg contains 5 cards. Cards can also be crafted with scraps. Currently, players can choose to play in either casual or ranked game mode.

You can check out a handy FAQ on the official site.

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